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Do you have a vision to follow, we do here at KBCMI.


EPH. 4:12. For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of CHRIST.

EDIFYING - The word ‘edification' comes from a Latin word, ‘aedificare' which means, “build”. The idea therefore is, ‘to improve the mind or character of some one by teaching'.

Kingdom is the sovereign, power, dominion, and rule to infiltrate, influence, and incorporate all who would receive its provisions, promises, promotion, and protection for the the  Kingdom of God and for Experiencing and Enjoying The Kingdom lifestyle.

To Advance is to proceed progressively by divine impartation, inspiration, imagination and instruction to move forward the Kingdom of God and for Experiencing and Enjoying the Kingdom lifestyle.  ADVANCING THE KINGDOM OF GOD WITH FORCE.

Welcome to Project B.W.C. (Because We Care), I pray that you will help us support this much needed fundraiser for these precious children who are in orphanage by no choice of their own.  We are also raising funds to build a well to provide income and a better quality of life for our brothers and sisters in Mwingi, Kitui County, Africa. My liaison for this project is Rev. Lazarus Musyoka, a true Man of God who I have had the pleasure of ministering with in his Church in Machukas Africa.  May the Lord touch your heart to support this missions project.

All donations are tax exempt.

Proverbs 11:25 (KJV)....25 The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself.

Any questions concerning this Kingdom fundraiser please contact Apostle L.R.Gooden Jr. at or 850 912-8795

Kingdom Builders Christian Ministries International is a registered nonprofit corporation under Sunbiz and the IRS. All finanicial contributions are tax deductible.

To God be the Glory, as the Founder of R.H.A.M...Right Hand Apostolic Ministries Int’l I would like to thank everyone who have donated towards the vision that God has given me towards the continent of Africa.  This well will be a blessing to so many of our brothers and sisters across the globe.  This is truly the work of the Kingdom.  I would like to make a special mention to Bishop Justin Garner of Cornerstone Full Gospel Ministries Int’l in Columbus Ga. for your large contributions towards this project.  Also I thank God for the spiritual connection that was made with Re. Lazarus Msysoka of Machukas Africa in 2016 when I visited Africa, he is the liaison on behalf of RHAM in Africa, God Bless you Sir.  Please continue to donate to ensure this great work comes to pass and for the next project that RHAM will be completing.  You can donate through our websites:


Apostle L.R.Gooden Jr.


Right Hand Apostolic Ministries Int’l

Africa Project Because We Care!


At NEDI we work to secure the rights of ethnic minorities through provision of platforms for their voices to be heard and the promotion of cooperation and understanding between them and other stakeholders as well as government agencies. Our activities are focused on advocacy, training, human rights as well as outreach. 

Responding to the deep-seated disempowerment of minorities (in Kenya) on the one hand and the opportunities presented by the new constitutional framework on the other, we advocate for the principles of multiculturalism in every sector of our society, including in education and access to basic factors of production like land, water and other important life support resources. Further, we advocate for more political participation of minorities in order to give them a voice to be heard, appreciated and respected.

Water, Health and Sanitation

At NEDI, we are working with the government and other organizations in advocating for clean and safe use of water as well as the protection of water catchment areas.  As water is one of the most essential commodities, its scarcity has adversely affected the livelihoods of communities. At NEDI, we assist these marginalized communities to access important factors of production like water, land and other important resources.

Women Empowerment

NEDI works with marginalized women in giving them a voice to be heard and appreciated through Agribusiness and other Economic Empowerment initiatives.

At NEDI, we believe each woman can be the author – and the hero – of her own life. While she may acquire important life skills and become financially independent, what she reclaims if her dignity, inner strength, and her place in her community. She discovers her empowered voice and becomes the author of her future; Most importantly, she regains something life-changing and vital; her hope.


NEDI creates environmental awareness and carries out biodiversity projects in through the provision of leadership and encouraging partnerships in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing, and enabling communities to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations.

We provide systematic community-led Bottom-Up approach at the initial stages by emphasizing the initial involvement and participation of the community stakeholders who are the intended beneficiaries of a protected environment

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